This past year has been a truly transformative time for me. Before entering in to a Cambridge church, at the beginning of Lent last year, I had already been a believer for all of my memorable life, but when I discovered that there was so much more to learn lying behind the doors of a church, in the Bible (which I had never read before) and from God, my life was changed forever (and for the better). During this time, I have learnt the power that lies behind giving everything I have to the Lord I love, from putting me in the most unlikely of situations to help others, to having my prayers answered in the most incredible ways. 

An example is found in a decision I was trying to make about whether or not to apply to a scheme for the coming summer. I prayed that if I was meant to apply then I would get a message from one of 2 people (who were on the scheme last year), before the end of last term, either asking me whether I was applying or whether I wanted to catch up, because we hadn’t spoken in ages. 2 days later, I had a message from both of the people, within 5 minutes of each other, asking me both of the things I had prayed. I recently got on the scheme that I applied to. 

My words, or even tears, cannot begin to express the joy that I have felt, and continue to feel, through following Jesus in all I do, and I can recommend nothing more than to give it a go!

Tom Olyott