Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.
— Simon Peter to Jesus, in the gospel of John (6:68).

My faith in Jesus echoes that of Peter's words to him in the gospel of John. Although raised in a Christian family, I found the beliefs of my childhood challenged by the functionally atheist culture that I lived in, and the harsh realities of the world which rail against the plausibility of a kind and loving God. This dissonance resulted in a long search for truth. 

Things came full circle for me as my search for truth brought me back to the gospels, to read the historical accounts of the life and words of Jesus for myself. At the same time, I saw the real impact that Jesus has on people as frail, vulnerable and lost as myself. Together, these persuaded me to accept the gospels' claims about me and the world, and to follow Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I have found Jesus more compelling than competing world-views. 

Jesus has done so much for me. He has been healing me of past hurts; and he has given me a love for other people which is completely at odds against the intense selfishness of my past self. Though obviously still flawed as a person in many ways, I have undoubtedly become bolder, kinder and more temperate. Moreover, Jesus gives me comfort in the present and hope for the future. I hope that more people would consider the good news of Christianity, to hear and think for themselves if its claims are true -- just as I have. 

Tom Olyott