My time at university has been a period of massive growth for me in my faith. I had always felt very close to God during my teenage years but coming to university is bound to pose new challenges. I wasn’t so bothered about the peer pressure side of university because I felt secure in God and his opinion is always going to matter to me far more than what people think. There were however some things going on in my life that I was finding very hard to manage emotionally. I’m quite a resilient person but to do Cambridge at 50% capacity for two years, whilst trying to make the most of it and enjoy myself was extremely tough. I felt my relationship with God gave me strength but I was struggling to understand why God was not allowing me to rediscover peace, joy and a lightness of spirit. I was used to feeling strong and in control but for the first time, I was struggling. Despite knowing the intellectual arguments for faith and knowing God to some extent, it didn’t quite seem enough. Doubts would sometimes creep into my mind and I decided that I needed to pursue God with everything I had to gain a greater assurance and peace. 

During my last two summers and my year abroad, God has taken me on amazing spiritual journey. I have met people who have heard God speak audibly, who have seen limbs grow, and I had the amazing privilege of meeting a man who actually died for 15-20 minutes and saw God. I also got to meet his son who was taken to heaven for 45 minutes in an out-of-body vision. Having spoken to them in person, I am convinced they are not lying. I also had my own supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit in Paris last year and I continue to have encounters. 

In a world where there is so much uncertainty and pain, it can be extremely hard for a person to hold onto their faith in God. My desire is to share what God has shared with me, helping people to encounter Jesus and stand firm for him. We desperately need God’s help to manage this planet and help people in their brokenness. My prayer is that our generation would turn back to God and that we would experience a revival of faith in him.  

Tom Olyott