Real Faith

‘And if Jesus has not been raised from the dead, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.’ 

I think this very frank verse from the Bible is one that everyone in Cambridge can agree with, religious or not – if Jesus was a faker, then we Christians are really wasting our time. For me, the only question that mattered was ‘Is it true?’. Growing up in a Christian family, I wanted it to be true, but I didn’t really have any evidence to say that is was. I never really looked into the historical record of Jesus and the Bible – being honest; I think I was worried that it wouldn’t exist. But when I did, I found it was overwhelming, my questions had answers, and the eyewitness accounts in the gospels stand up to serious scrutiny.  Most people in our country grow up assuming that Christianity is nonsense, without ever checking it out as an adult. I’ve actually found that some of the most intelligent supervisors I’ve been taught by at Cambridge have been Christians. And I am more and more convinced the more I read that my faith is rational and evidence-based.

When I got to Cambridge, I was surprised at how seriously other Christians took their faith, especially compared to my ‘Sunday’ Christianity! It wasn’t an add-on to their life, it was central. When I thought about it, it made total sense. If Jesus was brutally tortured and executed on the cross, it meant that he loved me enough to take on himself the ugliness in my life. And if he got through death, it means that he can get me through too. You might think that’s the wackiest thing you’ve ever heard, but if it’s true, it’s more important than anything else. So surely it’s worth finding out?

People often wonder why Christians bang on about Jesus so persistently. We passionately believe that he is the only way to make sense of an otherwise meaningless universe, the only one who loves us no matter how much we live in his world without paying any attention to him, and the only way to eternal life in the perfect world we all crave. How wrong would it be if we believed that and didn’t want to share it with people?!

Thanks for reading and for engaging with REAL, I hope you enjoy the events!  


Tom Olyott