Continually growing

I was debating what to write for this – there are many things that God has taught me in the past to make me the person that I am today, but I think something that I have been recently learning is that the journey as a Christian is a race and you need to keep running right until the end. When you become a Christian, it is saying that you want to live for Jesus in all that you do, but ultimately you fail. I have learnt so many things about the character of God, but I have also had to relearn so many truths that I thought I learnt but had then forgotten. I personally went through cancer treatment in my AS year, and that made me stronger but didn’t make me invincible as a Christian. Last year when I fell off my bike just before lent term, God was teaching me all about his patience and the fact that he really does know what is right for me and it is okay to not know where you are going next. I found I could be at peace knowing that God has put me in this place right now, and trusting that God knows where the best place is for me to go next and will show me in his timing.   

I came to university full of wanting to live for God in all that I did and that is what I tried to do – I got involved with Church, CU and Rowing. I quickly learnt that I could not do this out of my own strength; as a human I am weak and don’t know what is best for me. I needed to learn that all power comes from God and that by keeping him the centre of my life everything falls into place. When things are seemingly overwhelming with work or rowing or other things, turning to God is turning to someone who knows it all, there is nothing that he doesn’t know or understand. 

Another something that God has been teaching me recently is the power of creation, God created this amazing world around us to enjoy and love and to show the amazing creator through God. For me going out into creation has been a way that I can feel God’s presence so practically, and able to praise God for all the beauty that is there. I really find that God has taught me so many things through me being in creation whether that is on a bike, rowing or just being. Through it, I often get the strength to continue living for him. I am still running this race, but I can’t continue running without the strength of God to keep me going and for the reason that I am running in the first place.

Tom Olyott