Still got questions?
REAL Lives Continued
Mondays 7.30 - 8.45pm
Café Nero (Market St)


So I want to become a Christian...
What next?

Brunch // 11am Saturday Morning // St Andrew's Street Baptist Church

If you have decided that you want to follow Jesus, that's amazing! You might be wondering exactly what that means and how to get started, so Michael Green will be joining us again for brunch on Saturday morning to give some insights into what being a Christian looks like in everyday life. We'd love to invite you to join us back here in St Andrew's Street Baptist at 11am, where we'll be chatting about your questions over some bacon and eggs!

Still have questions?

REAL Lives Continued // Mondays 7.30 - 8.45pm // Caffè Nero (Market St) 

Maybe you've heard something this week which has really interested you, but you're still not sure and you've got some questions. Don't leave them unanswered! Why not come along to our Real Lives Continued series we're putting on for the next five Monday evenings from the 12th February to the 12th March? We're going to be interviewing Christians from all kinds of background - from a MOBO award winning rapper, to an activist combating human trafficking, to a Cambridge lecturer - we'll be asking how faith in Jesus impacts on each of these real lives. There will also be a chance to take a look at an eyewitness account of Jesus' life and discuss your thoughts and questions in small groups. It'll be a really chilled vibe in Caffè Nero with great refreshments, we'd love to see you!