Free lunch | Talk | Q&A
Monday - Friday
1.10 - 1.50pm


Come along for this series of lunch talks in which our speaker, Niv Lobo, unpacks a different question each day over lunch.

This is followed by a Q&A - all within 40 minutes so you can pop by in between lectures. These will be held in St Andrew's Street Baptist Church (near Spoons). 



Cambridge: does it matter what I think?


Jesus: myth, man, or more?


Evidence: did Jesus rise from the dead?


Suffering: where is God in our pain?


Faith: are all religions the same?


Our speaker

Niv studied English at Clare College, where he developed his skills in reading, singing and nap-taking. He was convinced as a teenager that God had nothing to offer him, and probably didn’t exist. But while evading work (a special skill), he happened on John’s Gospel, and was bowled over by Jesus. He now works with university students in Southampton to explore questions of life, faith, and Jesus in their universities. He has recently gotten married to Lucy. Niv loves thinking through some of these big issues and questions, and would love to meet you at our lunch talks!



Cafe // Monday - Friday
After the talk until 4pm.

If you don’t have to rush off after the talk, we’d love to invite you to the café: a chilled-out space where anyone can hang out, have cake and coffee, and chat with friends about your thoughts and perspectives. The book corner will feature a great selection of books on various topics relating to faith and Christianity, which will be available for free. Guests and students will also be around if you would like to take a look at what the Bible really says about Jesus, or simply have a chat about any questions you might have.