International Lives

Dinner & an interview
Monday - Friday (excluding Tuesday)
6.30 - 7.45pm


Love international dinners? Join us before 'Real Lives' for a cooked meal and to meet our special guests, as we explore what it looks like to discover Jesus from an international perspective. These will be held in St Andrew's Street Baptist Church (near Spoons). 


Cheryl Jiang

A second year Biologist at Trinity College, Cheryl is from China (but carries a Canadian passport!). She made friends with Christians on her second day in Cambridge, and was so intrigued that she continued to ask questions and investigate the claims they were making. She became a Christian about a year ago. Cheryl loves to bake, and hopes to open a cake shop when she retires.

Dr Emil Shehadeh

Emil is a medical doctor, born in Israel to Christian Arab parents and now living in the UK. He worked as a GP and ran two training practices in Essex until his retirement in 2016. He is one of the founders of the Arabic Church in Cardiff and is involved in efforts to support persecuted Christians in Muslim countries. His hobbies include fishing, cars, and travel.

Lynn Pang & Kudzai Hwengwere

Lynn, a city girl from Malaysia, is in her third year reading Law at Queens’ College. From a Taoist home, she began to investigate Christianity in her first year and came to trust in Jesus for herself after reading the accounts of his life with a friend. Her passions include superhero comics, ABBA music, and a desire to return to Malaysia to be a barrister.

Kudzai is a second year biomedical student at Anglia Ruskin University from Zimbabwe. She is from a Christian background, but eventually realised that no one is born a Christian and has been seeking to really live life for Jesus. She is a great fan of cornflakes, eating them for breakfast, sometimes lunch, and most times dinner.

Tomas Uher

Tomas Uher was born in communist-ruled Czechoslovakia, studying in Prague and later in Cambridge. He grew up in an atheistic family, dismissing Christian faith for being irrelevant and an instrument of manipulation. However, as he investigated key Christian claims he eventually found them to be trustwothy and decided to follow Jesus. Tomas now lives and works in Prague, the Czech Republic. He is married to Daniela and they have two daughters. Fun fact: Tomas slept on top of an active volcano.